Endospheres therapy
service description

Painless hardware massage based on vibration and compression of tissues.
A few sessions of therapy will:
• remove excess fluid from your body
• accelerate blood circulation and lymphatic flow
• boost metabolism

Provided that you follow the recommendations on nutrition and physical activity, this therapy will help you to shape your figure as well as to lose weight and go 1-2 sizes down.

During the procedure, the therapist applies a special cylindrical joystick made of 50 rotating silicon spheres. The therapist adjusts intensity individually for each patient. Unlike vacuum techniques, this type of massage is not harmful for tissues and blood vessels.
• Restoration of skin tone
• Elimination of fat deposits
• Reduction of cellulite
• Reduction of swelling
• Improvement of metabolism
• Strengthening of blood vessel walls
• Relieving muscle spasms
The procedure has the following therapeutic effects:
Take a step towards your health and youth
Make an appointment with the clinic to find out which aspects of the body need to be strengthened for you, and to receive a set of personally selected procedures.

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