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About the program
To get yourself into shape, manage weight and improve your body in order to feel harmony and be healthy. This program will help you to get a toned body, learn how to keep a proper diet and maintain results for a long time.
The complex of personally selected proceduresis aimed to reduce volumes and cellulite as well as to improve functioning of your lymphatic system and develop healthy habits.


The program may include:
Functional diagnostics. A comprehensive examination of organs and body stems condition in order to identify or exclude any possible disorders.

· Consultation with dietitian-nutritionist. Development of an individual balanced nutrition plan based on the analysis of actual nutrition, physical activity and anthropometric measures.
· Analyses. The necessity of tests as well as their types will be determined by our dietitian-nutritionist during his consultation.
· Drip bar, infusion of medication. Intravenous infusion ensures a 100 per cent efficiency of
medication absorption and an instant effect depending on the drip composition: detoxification, improvement of metabolism, vitaminization, energy boost etc.

· Pilates. Personal training session with an instructor based on an individual program, developed in accordance with the level of your physical fitness and the needs of your body in terms of strengthening and recovery of weakened zones.
· Massage. A complex body massage that works into joints and muscles to ensure well-balanced body functioning and muscle strengthening. The type of massage is selected proceeding from your body-specific features.

· Endospheres therapy. Painless hardware massage that has a comprehensive treatment effect: reduces swelling, improves skin tone, boosts metabolism.
The price of the complex
starts from
17 350
*The composition and the final price of the program can be adjusted after a medical consultation depending on your health-specific features.

Take a step towards your health and youth
Make an appointment with the clinic to find out which aspects of the body need to be strengthened for you, and to receive a set of personally selected procedures.

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