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Pilates is one of the fundamental methods of our therapy.
Rehabilitation after injuries, pain relief.
Pilates will help you to cope with migraines, scoliosis, flat feet, diastasis, lumbodynia and all types of autonomic dysfunctions.

Exercises will help you to strengthen core muscles, improve posture, flexibility, coordination and endurance. You will be healthy and fit.
Basic principles of exercises:

- Individual approach and medical support. Each training program is developed by the specialists of our Center to meet each client’s needs taking into account their physical conditions.
- Safe and careful attitude to your health. Workouts are conducted by trainers who have completed their education at the Polestar Pilates international school. You can start practicing at our studio from any fitness level and at any age.
- Visual and functional testing. We conduct tests at each stage of cooperation with the client to gain a better understanding of how to build the subsequent training program for you.
- Professional equipment. Our Center has various types of specific equipment at its disposal, i.e. Cadillac Trapeze Table, Studio Reformer, Studio Chair, Pilates Barrel, Spine Corrector with a wide range of functions ensuring highest efficiency of your trainings.
- Intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Our Clinic is arranged in such a way that nothing prevents you from concentrating on the process. Here you will learn to breathe correctly, control your body and focus on the most important issue – the process of healing.
Training rules at our Center:
1.Trainings are conducted on an individual basis or in mini-groups of up to three persons
2. All trainings are held on a regular basis by appointment. To sign up, please contact us at: +7 (965) 386 -15 -17 or by SMS.
3. You can cancelled your appointment not later than 12 hours before an individual or a group training. If you failed to cancel your appointment within the specified period, the training is considered as conducted (this rule applies to the paid blocks).
4. If you are late for the class, please try to enter the room as silently as possible in order not to disturb your group mates.
5. We recommend that you wear light and comfortable sportswear.
6. Please abstain from loud conversations on your mobile phone so as not to distract other people from focusing on their class. Please switch off your mobile phone before the class, if possible. As a rule, the phone rings just when you less expect it.
The following types of trainings are available at our Clinic:
• individual trainings
• trainings in mini-groups
• single trainings and subscriptions to training blocks
Take a step towards your health and youth
Make an appointment with the clinic to find out which aspects of the body need to be strengthened for you, and to receive a set of personally selected procedures.

You can get consultation by calling us +7 (977) 099- 83- 30 or contact us on WhatsApp
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