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All of us think about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and young. But which method is right for you? Before you take the first step towards understanding and renewing your body, it is important to determine in which direction to go. Welcome program is specially designed for this purpose.
It includes a set of services and procedures that allows you to create an idea of the state and needs of your body, develop an individual program and get the first noticeable results on the way to harmony of body and spirit.


Our Welcome-program consists of two phases
• Initial appointment and consultation with a specialist. Collecting information about the state of your body, identifying the problem and methods of treatment.
• General blood analysis. Allows you to identify or exclude inflammation, anemia and other vital signs.

• Functional diagnostics by the bioimpedance method using the ACCUNIG BC380 device. Diagnostics of absolute and relative values of body composition parameters, as well as assessment of body systems and risks of disease development.
• Test training Pilates on simulators. Functional assessment of the condition of the spine and core muscle.

Phase one:
A follow-up consultation with a specialist. Recommendations concerning an individual recovery program based on the analyzes and diagnostics of your health
Phase two
The price of the complex
starts from
14 500
*The composition and the final price of the program can be adjusted after a medical consultation depending on your health-specific features.

Take a step towards your health and youth
Make an appointment with the clinic to find out which aspects of the body need to be strengthened for you, and to receive a set of personally selected procedures.

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