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Our wellbeing is inextricably bound with the state of the body: its energy potential, emotional and physical health. Therefore, we offer safe procedures selected individually for you that are intended to bring your energy balance to normal state, restore youth and beauty without pain and surgery.
Our specialists will help you to:

• Lose weight and shape your body
• Get your muscles toned
• Get rid of apathy and lack of energy
• Launch natural processes of body recovery

Our approach based on natural body renewal makes it possible to achieve a stable and long-lasting result without any side effects.
· Acupuncture as well as various techniques of traditional Eastern medicine improve vegetative functions of the organism, restore normal sleep, and help to reject bad habits.
· Placental therapy – a modern method intended to regain youth and beauty without going through surgery. This method renews cells and boosts their metabolism. We use only patented medication, i.e.
· Laennec and Melsmon, that does not contain steam cells, hormones and has no gender contraindications.
· Detox therapy - restores a natural balance using the latest achievements in diet therapy as well as in pharmaceutical and homeopathic methods.
· Bar drip - intravenous infusion of Laennec, which strengthens the immune system, helps to resist seasonal diseases and stress. Glutathione injected intravenously helps to stimulate the defensive reserves of the organism. It is a powerful antioxidant, able to rapidly increase endurance and speed up recovery after trainings. Moreover, this medication helps to bring the levels of glucose and cholesterol in your blood to normal values and reduces the risk of cancer.

· Massage (classical, vacuum and Endospheres therapy)
· Pilates training
· Weight loss programs
In terms of natural body renewal, the patients of our Clinic are offered the following types of treatment:
Take a step towards your health and youth
Make an appointment with the clinic to find out which aspects of the body need to be strengthened for you, and to receive a set of personally selected procedures.

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